Help orphans embark on a sacred journey by becoming a custodian to help them become a Hafiz of Quran.

Gain immeasurable rewards by providing quality care and reading, learning, and memorizing the divine words of the holy Quran. Instil the love for the Quran in our children. Help orphans develop a strong foundation of faith, moral values, and a deep connection with their Creator.

Your contribution covers the child’s daily meals, education, and health expenses. You will receive a welcome pack with an introduction to your sponsored child, information about their country, and a yearly progress report. For the Hifz Orphan sponsorship, you will also receive updates on the child's Qur'an memorisation. 

"The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this" And he held his two fingers together to illustrate. (Sahih Bukhari)

Our Hifz classes, led by experienced teachers using modern techniques, ensure that your sponsored child can recite from memory with beautiful Tajweed. After completing the unique 3-year sponsorship program, they will have the skills to continue in Islamic or mainstream education or start an apprenticeship. In addition to the benefits of our regular Orphan sponsorship program – nutritious meals, clothing, healthcare, and emotional support – your sponsored child will thrive in a loving, caring home.

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Seize this opportunity to maximise your rewards by giving your Zakat and Sadaqah through Global Ehsan Relief.

When you sponsor a Hifz child, you reap untold blessings as they learn, memorise and teach the Holy Qur’an for years to come. Give in the name of Allah and give the gift of the Qur’an to a vulnerable child.