Help Feed the Hungry: Extending Compassion in Times of Crisis

The recent instability in the economic climate, has caused disruption in the world food chain and difficulties for many. The majority experience severe food insecurity, leading to hunger and are going without food for days. Even those experiencing moderate food insecurity, face uncertainties and have resorted to regularly reducing the quality and quantity of food they consume.

Currently, 345 million people are facing hunger. Imagine going without food all day and having nothing to eat once evening comes. While some of us enjoy regular meals, others endure hunger every day.

"He is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbour goes hungry" Bukhari

By donating, you provide vital supplies and provisions to those in dire need. Your support has enabled us to send aid to the starving, helpless, and vulnerable.

Each food parcel contains essentials such as rice, flour, oil, lentils, pulses, tea, sugar, and culturally appropriate items. We ensure all produce is sourced locally, focusing on nutritional benefits and longevity.

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Seize this opportunity to maximise your rewards by giving your Zakat and Sadaqah through Global Ehsan Relief.

Your support can transform lives, offering hope and sustenance to those who are struggling. By coming together to address hunger, we can create a more equitable and caring world where no one has to go to bed hungry.

Supporting the most vulnerable across the world.

Global Ehsan Relief Food Projects

We provide essentials food packs starting from £40.


Help provide 2 nutritious hot meals from only £10.


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