The Prophet Muhammad's (ﷺ) first act upon arriving in Medina was to establish a mosque, emphasising its profound significance.

Imagine building a house of worship. Join us in the noble endeavour of building mosques, earning eternal rewards, and creating sanctuaries of peace for communities in need during this sacred month. Mosques represent the beating heart of Muslim communities, where souls find solace, minds find enlightenment, and brotherhood is nurtured. 

By building a Masjid or Mosque, you’re not only providing a place of worship, you’re providing a hub for communities to gather, learn, hold community festivities and so much more!

"Whoever builds a Mosque for Allah (SWT), He will build for him a house like in in Paradise". (Bukhari)

The one who contributes significantly to the construction of a mosque earns the privilege of having their name mentioned in the supplications and prayers of those who benefit from the mosque. Every prayer becomes a source of blessings for the donor.

Now, in this blessed month, you too can be part of this virtuous effort. Sponsor the construction of a mosque in Africa, Asia, or the Middle East, bringing spiritual and communal benefits to those in need. The cost varies based on size and location, offering flexibility to align with your intentions. 

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Imagine the reward for every Sujood in prayer. Imagine the reward for every letter in the Quran that is learned and recited - what a blessing!